I actually take notes… [Birdemic]

So I thought that it might be quite fun to just share how I take notes because reading them back to myself, they’re just bizarre. I was also planning to get on to YouTube at some point, so these notes are also geared towards that at some point in the future. But if you ever feel like watching Birdemic, you can read along with my lovely notes. Enjoy.


Horizon: Zero Dawn – As good as it looks?

You’ve probably noticed that Horizon: Zero Dawn exists and that critics have gone nuts over it. I don’t agree with them to be honest. Find out why HERE.

The Completionist


You look at that figure and you know you’re unsatisfied. You know it’s not the real deal; the head honcho; numero uno; top dog; big cheese; number 1 – The illusive 100%. Sure, it’s an impressive figure, but in a world where most of us strive for perfection, it’s just not good enough is it?


Oscars Rant

[or the year La La Land won every damn thing?]


Why’d it have to be snakes…?

Welcome to SNAKE IN THE PLANE! My crappy blog about dumb things. Since 2016 was such a terrible year for just about every damn thing, I decided that perhaps this year I should make an attempt to brighten up the meaningless nature of existing by ranting and raving about things that I enjoy… or don’t.