Welcome to Snake In The Plane, where I get to offload my dumb thoughts on various movies, games and general crap that goes down in life.

When it comes to movies, I’m not fussed about genre, age or whether it’s good or not. I like a good bad movie every now and again, even though they are something of an acquired taste. I’ll also try and get to the cinema every now and again to take a look at the latest things coming out.

Expect a similar thing with gaming! Bad ones, good ones, great ones; they’re all fair game on this blog.

If I give anything a rating, it’s based on my personal enjoyment of the product. I’m not about putting things into “this is better than that” etc. etc. Everything has its merits… well nearly everything *cough* Last Airbender movie *cough*.

Been thinking of doing this for a while, now I am. I take payment exclusively in souls.