On Review Scores…

SO before I continue assigning arbitrary scores to things that I either like, hate or don’t give a shit about, I thought it might be prudent to discuss how I’ll be rating anything I decide to assign a score to.

For starters, if something gets a 10/10 this does not mean it is perfect. Nothing is perfect. EVER. Not possible, can’t be done, wrap it up, get a shovel, bury it in the ground, plant a tree, kiss my ass. In that order. If I deign to assign a product a 10/10 it is because it is an exemplary example of its medium. It will have entertained me beyond what I expected and delivered a polished, engaging, fun and all round outstanding product. ‘Nuff said.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever give anything a 1/10, but if that happens it’ll be because whatever it is, is ENTIRELY broken and useless as an example of its medium. It provides no enjoyment, no satisfaction, terrible quality and should probably be destroyed. I can’t think of anything that I’ve ever seen or played etc. that I could possibly give a 1/10 to though, but this is just to give you a rough idea, you feel me?

5/10 is average. It’s not great, it’s not terrible, it exists and I’m not bothered by existence to any great extent. I will not be destroying it or singing its praises. It’s simply mediocre. If anything ever receives a 5/10 just look at it as wasted potential. It could have been a contender. It could have been somebody. But somebody done fucked it and it’s just lame.

If you expect me to actually stick to this guide, then you might disappointed however. I’ll give whatever I see or play a score that I think accurately represents whether it’s good, bad or… whatever. You may give it a different score to me. This is my system please and thank you. Though, if I recommend something, it’s generally OK I’d say. Never had any complaints in that department.



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