Why’d it have to be snakes…?

Welcome to SNAKE IN THE PLANE! My crappy blog about dumb things. Since 2016 was such a terrible year for just about every damn thing, I decided that perhaps this year I should make an attempt to brighten up the meaningless nature of existing by ranting and raving about things that I enjoy… or don’t. Now that we have, I suppose, experienced the worst, maybe we can find greater appreciation in terrible, awful, repugnant things and perhaps have a laugh or ten along the way. So in the future, hopefully you’ll be able to find a spectacularly amature collection of musings upon the good, the bad and the weird of the cinematic, gaming and absolutely idiot-infested world we are loathe to call home.

But why the hell would I call it SNAKE IN THE PLANE? Good question. Unfortunately the answer is boring so I’m not going to tell you. But perhaps you can figure it out for yourselves and save me the bother of writing a short supplement paragraph explaining the whole thing. Let me know if you think you’ve guessed it. It’s not too hard. Who knows, I might even send you a box of goodies or nothing.

So sit straight, tighten your ass, and get off my freakin’ back. I’ll post when I want and about what I want. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Or I’ll build a wall to keep you out. Your mum will pay. Lol current reference. Put a fucking travel ban on me already.


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